[BCAB] Tvonics - two very important issues

chris hallsworth christopherh40 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 16:51:13 BST 2012

Hi Paul.
Thanks for writing.
I will await further development on this.
Thanks once again.

On 17/06/2012 15:01, Porter, Paul wrote:
> Chris
> We have identified this issue and are working with Tvonics. We have
> asked that they include a warning when formatting the box that speech
> will be lost and will need to be installed.
> I don't think Tvonics envisage users formatting their drives. Perhaps
> only as a last resort if there are hard drive problems. Most users would
> delete programs as they watch them.
> You can download the speech files from Tvonics onto a memory stick. When
> you turn on speech from the menu you will be told the speech files can't
> be found. You can then install from the memory stick.
> Please keep your feedback coming as it helps to improve the product.
> Paul Porter
> Sales and Support Officer, Technology
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> Good morning all.
> I wish to raise two very important issues that Rnib and or Tvonics
> should take into consideration.
> 1. The text to speech is actually installed on the hard disk, and *not*
> the firmware, as you would naturally think. So if you experience hard
> disk problems, and you do not have the appropriate files, you are
> screwed basically.
> 2. In the manual, there is no mention of how to mark programs for
> deletion in the library, as well as deleting the marked programs.
> However it is doable:
> a. Press library.
> b. Press skip forward.
> c. Press blue to mark all programs on that page.
> d. Press red and follow the prompts.
> Of course, I am not here to detract you from getting the Tvonics. It's a
> lovely box and I cannot fault it one bit. But the current situation I am
> in now, i.e., no speech after a disk format, gave me the motivation to
> write to this list and advise you all.
> I am going to contact Rnib Monday to raise the above issues personally.
> Alternatively if anyone from Rnib who is on this list would like to
> contact me off list, please feel free to do so. Thank you very much.
> Have a good day, and happy viewing!

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