[BCAB] Recording from external source using Goldwave

Alan and Sheila Rayner amrayner at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Jun 19 21:19:09 BST 2012


Others will help with settings, but with regards listening to what you are 
recording, I used to use a 'Y' ADAPTOR WHICH ALLOWED ME TO PLUG MY 
YOUR TAPE RECORDER.  I assume that you have taken your lead from the 
earphone socket to the input socket on your computer.  Another tip is to 
keep the volume right down on your cassette player when recording to avoid 
distorted sound.  In the menus choose options, device controls, volume 
control and go down the list to line in and check it.


Alan Michael Rayner
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> Hi Folks,
> Using Goldwave 5.67, Soundblaster Live 5.1, JAWS 13 and XP
> Home
> I'm trying to record tracks from my cassette collection to
> put onto an MP3 player, hopefully in time for my holiday
> next week.
> I can record the tracks ok, but I cannot listen to the track
> playing, in order to monitor start and finish of each track,
> as I record.
> Earlier on in this attempt I was able to hear the track as
> it played but even though the sound was playing the supposed
> recorded track was empty., ie I had 2.40 minutes of silence.
> If anyone can give me clearstep by step instructions and
> confirm what my record, playback and device settings should
> be, I'd be very grateful.
> Jim Williams
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