Kevin Russell kevin_russell at uk.ibm.com
Wed Jun 20 15:06:24 BST 2012

Hi Steve

The help file that is installed with GWConnect is extremely informative. 
It's divided into sections and you can get to each section by using the H 
command in JAWS or Window-Eyes to take you to each heading.

>From the main GWConnect window, press Alt-H to get to the Help menu and 
select the manual.

I don't have GWConnect installed on this machine, so can't give you the 
exact name for the help manual, but it is in the Help option and is very 
clear and so should answer all of your questions.

I think you may already have done this, but I would recommend completely 
removing GWConnect Version 1 first of all before installing Version 2.




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Hello, I've upgraded from version 1 to 2 of gwconnect and had to 
delete v1 to do this. It announces it is running to I can't find 
any key/roke/but+ons on the screen/keyboard to press to make a 
call for example. What do I need to do because it's worked in the 
first version albeit before I was in hospital - I had too many 
problems with skype so don't realln want to go back to that.

Ann help please and sorry but I'm not good at describing things.

Cheers for any help, Steve

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