[BCAB] Update on Tvonics

chris hallsworth christopherh40 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 00:47:15 BST 2012

Right, ok, thanks for explaining.

On 22/06/2012 21:10, Ibrahim Gucukoglu wrote:
> Hi Chris.
> It isn't so much whether TVonics is or is not in administration which is
> cause for concern, its whether the company to continue to trade as a
> going concern in the future.  Many companies enter and exit
> administration, TVonics did this back in 2008 when their main creditor
> bought the assets of the company.  The TVonics website clearly states
> that TVonics has gone in to administration and for the time being at
> least, the future of the company hangs in the balance.  Also, all
> customer service operations and presumably warranty claims have been
> suspended pending an outcome.
> All the best, Ibrahim.
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> Good afternoon all.
> I have an update on the Tvonics situation.
> I can confirm through a reliable source that the UK company Tvonics
> hasn't gone into administration. Rather it is the company who is linked
> with Tvonics. All I will say is if you do not believe the above, please
> feel free to ask around.
> Thanks for reading.
> Chat soon Chris.

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