[BCAB] The often forgotten cost of running a PC

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Hi George,

This is interesting, but not at all surprising, since new units are supposed
to be energy efficient.

Thanks for the confirmation though.

All the best

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Yes, it's me again - the tight Scotsman.


If you do go to Maplin, you might also want to pick up one of their
Belkin Electricity costing gadgets.  However, I have to stress at the
outset that they are not accessible, so you will need a sighted
partner.  They cost £29.99.


Why I'm raising this is that I hooked it up to a brand new PC I bought
last week, an HP Pro 3400 series, and based on 16 pence per unit, it
told me that if I kept the PC on 24 hours a day all year, the
electricity cost would be just over £21.00 for a full year.  It
appears to stay static even when working as opposed to idling.


I decided to check out an older Fujitsu system used in Admin, and was
staggered to find that just idling, that system costs £130 for a full
year.  When disk copying, it even goes above £200.


What I found was almost as alarming was when switch off at the PC - as
opposed to the mains on the wall - it was still drawing £6 a year,
where the new systems standby was too low to registered.


So if you are wondering whether to upgrade and existing system, or buy
a new one, do bear this in mind.



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