[BCAB] Obtaining a Yahoo Account

Iain Lackie ilackie at perth44.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Jun 23 17:09:12 BST 2012

You  can send an invitation without solving the CAPTCHA. It is only when you 
are actually adding a suser that the CAPTCHA comes into play.

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dave, I suspect Paul's problems will not be helped because far as I am
aware, he still uses I.E7.

The only problem I have so far had with Google Groups is when inviting a new
subscriber, it is now necessary to solve a captia for which there is an
audio feed.  However, I must admit this is not easy to hear and, as Paul
suffers as he puts it a slight hearing problem, perhaps the audio is not
sufficiently clear for him.  As for Steve Bingham, his co-mod, I am unaware
if he may suffer the same or similar problems but I am sure he operates a
much more up-to-date browser.

Colin Howard, living near Southampton in Southern

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