[BCAB] Windows 8 Pro for £14.99

stephen thacker steve.thacker at btinternet.com
Tue Jun 26 11:50:09 BST 2012

What editions will there be and hoj much jill then cost nour 
kachine is compatible and you don't want to buy a nej machine?

Screen readers seem to move with the changes and then stop 
supporting old editions and expect people who can't work to spend 
money they haven't got - I don't have or don't want to change 
screen reader or learn how to use something else!

I'm not a touch screen user, use my Mpower Braillenote as I'm 
deafblind, ;oon that will break down and where do I go then as my 
hands and other disabilities mean work isn't an option )o pan for 

Sorry for the moan, but recovering from bilateral hip surgery I'm 
very frustrated at this time.

Cheers, Steve

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>There will not be a Home edition for Windows 8.

>On 26/06/2012 05:33, Graham Page wrote:
>> Are there ways of buying Windows Home edition for a similar 
price?  I don't
>> fancy being forced to upgrade to JAWS professional.  I pay 
enough for JAWS
>> as a home user already thanks (smile).

>> Regards

>> Graham

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>> George,

>> We both know that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. Is 
this a way
>> of getting the software beta tested?

>> Best,

>> David.

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>> I may as well make it a hat trick this weekend. (Smile)

>> If you have bought or buy, a new PC between 2nd June this year 
>> 31st January next, you can register to get a download of Windows 
8 Pro
>> for £14.99 at the following address.

>> There is also an Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link on this 
>> so please look there first before posting any questions here.

>> https://windowsupgradeoffer.com/en

>> George.

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