[BCAB] windows 8 and other operating systems

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Tue Jun 26 13:07:14 BST 2012

The only real way to get a system like XP is to use XP.
>From what I hear Windows 8 will be even less like XP than Windows 7 and to
be honest I am personally dreading having to use it. For example the Start
Menu has been abolished by Microsoft. If you are used to an I phone  you may
find it more familiar.

One approach is to use another platform and run XP Virtual machines on a
more modern platform. In this way you can stay in an accessible time warp
even though the hardware and platforms are developing.

This can be done using VM Ware on the Windows side , and VM Fusion on the
Mac side. I use VM fusion and it works well on the Mac.

The Mac is a massive learning curve for those used to Windows platforms and
windows screen readers but so far there are good access support. Voiceover
is bundled with the system. Access is good across the OS. Apple, as far as I
know show no intention of losing the menu bar or the Dock which are good
accessible interfaces.  program management is pretty good also.

The big downside to the Mac is extremely clunky support for Office
standards. Office itself is inaccessible, as is Open office on the latest
OS. No Mac word processor can seamlessly read standard Word tables without
clunky work around and  certainly there are no table reading commands. 

A good approach, I find, is to use a Mac, but retain Windows either in
another machine or virtual machine for Office use.

David Griffith

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I am thinking of getting a new laptop and do not like windows 7. I know 
it will come with this and want to know how does windows 8 compare to xp 
which i currently have. If it is more like xp then i may get it.
However what other operating systems are out there for PC that are v.i 
friendly. I have tried to get a virtual version of vinux before now but 
just can't seem to get a good download and get the chance of using it. 
If there is anything else out there then could someone let me know about it.

Thanks, Louise.

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