[BCAB] windows 8 and other opperating systems

crazy-shawty aka everything you're mother wanted you to be but you aint quite turned out like me? crazy-shawty at ukfreeisp.co.uk
Wed Jun 27 23:43:39 BST 2012

Thanks everyone for your helpful responses.

My personal dislike of windows 7 is all the search boxes in start and 
control panel. they get in my way. I like to browse grids and lists for 
what i want and tab around so i can get a layout in my head. Also the 
"extra security" really annoys me - are you sure you want to continue 
when i just asked it to do something. Also in xp i have disabled the 
quicklaunch bar and many other things that get in my way and i don't 
know if i can remove all the wigits and what amounts to bloatware for my 


On 6/27/2012 11:08, Graham Page wrote:
> Windows 7 seems fine to me. What's your problem with it?
> I think you need to wait until windows 8 is actually released before making
> decisions about how well it works as this will depend on how well
> screenreaders can interact with the final release.  I did of course use
> windows xp for a long time but find that actually windows 7 has on the whole
> been an improvement when it comes to accessibility.  The search box on the
> start menu is particularly useful while you can still navigate the start
> menu in a similar way to windows xp if required.
> I find the search box particularly useful for finding items that are buried
> away in control panel.
> Regards
> Graham
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> Hi.
> I am thinking of getting a new laptop and do not like windows 7. I know
> it will come with this and want to know how does windows 8 compare to xp
> which i currently have. If it is more like xp then i may get it.
> However what other operating systems are out there for PC that are v.i
> friendly. I have tried to get a virtual version of vinux before now but
> just can't seem to get a good download and get the chance of using it.
> If there is anything else out there then could someone let me know about it.
> Thanks, Louise.

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