[BCAB] NFB, WBU, Daisy, Daisy forum of India and south Africa lay official complaint against State Dept over Kindle

Chris Friend king.henry at btinternet.com
Thu Jun 28 00:33:34 BST 2012

Hi Listers,

Today these five organisations made a class action complaint against the US
State Department who intended to use inaccessible Kindles in a global
distribution through their Embassies and overseas Libraries.

Last year they piloted the project with the distribution of 6000
inaccessible Kindles and were to follow this up with a further 35,000 this
year in a 16M dollar programme.  But although they had requested TTS, they
had not insured that the Kindles were menu accessible.

State Dept's actions are contrary to the US Rehabilitation Act and contrary
to their own department's Procurement guidelines actioned to comply with
that Act.

If anyone is interested in the full Class Action complaint or the NFB Press
Release please mail me off line and I can send either or both documents.

This potentially has a bearing on us all getting the final accessibility
step out of amazon as even if the State Dept decides to cancel their 35k
forward plans they will still have to answer the retrospective angle of the
6k Kindles distributed worldwide last year.  And amazon will probably charge
State Dept for their development work and hopefully since they do not have
to pay for it we might get it  done once and for all.


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