[BCAB] word 2007 shortcut key not working

Joe Paton joe at vi-ability.demon.co.uk
Thu Jun 28 16:55:00 BST 2012

         Good evening from 28 degrees C

Yes it's warm.  Bring back the snow.

Now to the burden of my Gist.

Office 2007 word, to promote paragraphs, 
left-shift-left-alt-left-arrow used to be the keystroke.

When I did this, windows wanted to change the keyboard language to US 
instead of United kingdom.

So I've sorted this out, and now when I want to promote a paragraph, 
nothing happens at all.

On another installation of Office 2007 this keystroke works.

I haven't tampered with the setup, believe me guvnor.

Maybe the keystroke isn't correctly assigned, so How can I assign the 
keystroke, left-alt left-shift and either right or left arrows to 
promote and demote paragraphs?

This is such a useful command.

Many thanks,

Joe P

APART Consultancy Limited,
tel: 01702 54 36 24
Joe Paton

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