[BCAB] new computer questions

crazy shawty aka everything your mother wanted you to be but you aint quite terned out like me! crazy-shawty at ukfreeisp.co.uk
Thu Jun 28 22:39:05 BST 2012

I have bought an acer computer with windows 7 and hope to get 
classic shell for it.  I have a couple of questions as this is 
the first time i have set a win 7 computer up from scratch.  I 
have installed nvda so i can use the laptop without sighted help 
and plan to back it up tomorrow.  Firstly: can i back it up to my 
external hard drive and then transfer the back up to dvds later? 
Secondly: i have tried to install firefox and i got a message 
saying something like "you may not have the right to install." 
When i selected my account from the list, the install said 
extracting and then just vanished.  No setup wizard appeared.  
What am i doing wrong?

thanks, Louise.

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