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George Bell george at techno-vision.co.uk
Thu Sep 20 12:03:12 BST 2012

I can confirm what Colin says here. Unicom do exist, and are a pain in
the proverbial.  They have phoned us quite a few times, and now the
minute they say who they are, we simply say "Goodbye" and hang up.


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I am sending this out to all whom I reckon might be effected or at
least interested.

I have just come off the phone with Keith who advises me he is the
legal person dealing with the case.  I told him I would send the post
out exactly as received here and copy him into the address line.

If you have any questions, experiences with this particular firm,  or
comments, by all means send to the group but certainly make sure you
contact keith who may wish to make use of them in persuance of his
client's interests - his address is:

k.a.j1962 at sky.com

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This message is being sent to Best circle of friends group members, to
Unicom communications in Manchester and to various news media;

As many of you know i'm a legal practitioner.  I spend much of my time
helping those who can't afford a lawyer or can't get legal aid but
need help.

Recently i came across a scam that you all should know about and
should warn all those of your friends, family and anyone else looking
for a communications service provider.

There is a company you should treat with extreme caution.  Their sales
techniques are very dubious, they appear to employ actual lies to
encourage people to sign up to their service, then when they're
hooked, victims are ill treated, their consumer rights ignored and
extremely exhorbitant fees demanded if you change your mind and want
to leave them.

A case i'm handling at the moment involves a lady who, whilst
suffering serious mental problems due to medication she was prescribed
for depression being deliberately badgered by a salesman till she
signed up just to get rid of him.  He encouraged her to use a name
other than her own, encouraged her to sign a contract using the claim
that she had owned a company for five years when she had no dealings
with them at all, then when she was finally compos mentis enough to
realise what had happened they refused to allow her out of the
contract unless she paid £1200 cancellation fee; to avoid this she is
having to go into bankruptcy.

Our local independent TV company has a consumer programme which has
run up against these people on several occasions including once when
this company, Unicom of Manchester, in an attempt to gain credibility,
told people they were connected with this programme when the people
running the programme had no connection with them.  Again, only this
year, the same programme received complaints of malpractice which has
cost businesses thousands of pounds.

Based on my client's experience, on what the people at the TV station
have told me, and on the extremely obstructive and hostile way Unicom
reacted when i approached them on my client's behalf, i have no
hesitation in warning people most strongly to beware of this company.
I know they trade in UK but i don't know if they trade in other
countries where we have members.  I understand, but i'm not completely
sure, that they're a part of, or in some way connected with Huchinson

I strongly urge anyone who has friends, family or anyone looking for a
phone/internet or other communications need to avoid this company,
proceed with extreme caution should you come across them, and never,
never, sign anything binding you to them without it first being
completely and thoroughly checked by a competent lawyer; these people
use illegal methods to get business, encourage people to commit
serious offenses in order to gain their  custom and will do as much as
possible in the most hostile way to keep you once they've got you.

Again, this company is Unicom of Manchester.


Colin Howard, living near Southampton in Southern England.

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