[BCAB] What are these programs for?

roger.south at virgin.net roger.south at virgin.net
Thu Aug 15 07:38:13 BST 2013

Hi Wendy

Often do the same job and get the same mysteries. I always put the software 
name into Google and it's never failed me yet. Never heard of yours except 
Silverlight and it seems we need that so I've left mine alone.


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Subject: [BCAB] What are these programs for?

I have been going through control panel programs and features and
uninstalling programs I know I don't need.  Could anyone tell me what the
following programs are for.


Fooz Kids

Fooz Kids Platform

Identity Card (this one is published by Packard Bell, which is the maker of
my computer).

Microsoft Silverlight

Many thanks for any advice offered.


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