[BCAB] Audible and the new Victor Stream

Barrie s.moxon at sky.com
Sat Feb 2 16:28:48 GMT 2013

Hi Léonie.
Do you think it’s a ploy by Amazon ? So they have to use the Kindel fire to
listen to Ardabil content.
Makes  you think as Amazon owns Ardabil.

Barrie Moxon 
s.moxon at sky.com)
Twitter: @barriemoxon

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Thought people on list may be interested in this...


There has been some speculation as to whether the new Victor Reader Stream
will support Audible book formats. In the last couple of days Humanware
representatives in the UK and US have confirmed that Audible is refusing
permission for its file formats to be supported on the new Stream, and that
it is likely to do the same for future versions of competitor devices.


Audible appears not to have informed its customer services teams however.
When I tweeted @AudibleUK I was told that the new Stream would support
Audible with a softpack upgrade, and when I spoke to their customer services
team I was told that no upgrade would be required and that the new Stream
would support Audible files as standard.


I believe this to be a dreadful decision by Audible and/or its parent
company Amazon. Humanware says it will continue trying to persuade Audible
to change its mind, and if you agree that Audible support for new and future
book players for blind people is important, you should let Audible know how
you feel.


You can call the UK branch on 0800 496 2455, email them on
customercare at audible.co.uk, or tweet @AudibleUK (@Audible_com is the US
branch if it’s helpful to know).


Thanks for listening.



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