[BCAB] Audible and the new Victor Stream

Brian Hartgen jaws at hartgen.org
Sat Feb 2 20:50:14 GMT 2013

Hi Alex

I would definitely phone them anyway. It doesn't hurt to let them know how
you feel about it, and the more people who politely let them know how
important the issue is, the better.



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Hi Léonie,

After reading posts from both Iain Lackie and Brian Hartgen, I was a little
unsure whether it would be worth my while contacting Audible.co.uk customer
support regarding this matter, however, your post to which I'm now replying
has clarified the need for audible users to contact customer Support,
therefore, as I said in an earlier post on this thread, I'll certainly be
contacting Audible Customer support on Monday to add my voice to those
requesting support for Audible formats on the latest Victor stream.

Alexander Shannon 

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