[BCAB] Websites look very different

Wendy Sharpe w.sharpe at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Feb 3 00:31:28 GMT 2013

Since I got my new computer, I am finding that websites are not being
displayed as they were before.  I am using Window-Eyes 7.5  with Windows 7
Home Premium.  For example:

I logged into my Bank site, and the first page seemed ok.  Pressing H once
got me to the list of my accounts.  When I wanted to see my recent
transactions I pressed enter on my Bank account.  Normally I would just then
press H once to get to them, but now when I pressed H I got to a level 4
heading which was the start of a long screed about all their products.
Pressing H didn't get me to my transactions.  I ended up reding the whole
page, and eventually found them quite near the bottom of the page.  There
was no heading at the start of them.

Another site I went to was the RNIB book site which is the one for the
streaming service.  I logged on, and normally I could get to the welcome
Wendy section by pressing H once, after which I could choose links to look
at my bookshelf, search for books, etc.  Now the page seems to be lacking in
headings for this, and again I had to read through the page to get to where
I wanted.  When I had put a book on my bookshelf I should have been able to
press H once to get to the confirmation that it had been added, but not now.

I should have said that my new computer has Internet Explorer 9, and I
wonder whether this is making a difference.  Everything seems to have gone
topsy turvy.

Another thing I would like to know is how to get rid of this irritating Bing
search provider.  Every time I open IE and enter a web address it says I am
searching using Bing, which I don't want.  My sighted helper, who is a real
expert, has made several attempts to disable this add on, but it keeps
coming back.

All help and advice would be much appreciated.


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