[BCAB] Using An External Speech Synthesiser

Charles Nicol charlesnicol at virginmedia.com
Sun Feb 3 18:28:26 GMT 2013


I wish to access an old DOS application on my laptop, however, my screen
reader, JAWS 14, does not allow me adequate access to it. I recently found a
couple of external synthesisers which I used to use many years ago, however,
these have the old Serial connectors and no such port exists on my current
laptop. Are there any means to connect such pieces of kit to a USB port?
Also, if this is possible, how might I run an old copy of Vocal-Eyes on my
machine (I know that this definitely worked optimally with the DOS
application in question).

Does anyone have any ideas? Might I have to invest in a USB Speech
Synthesiser and, if so, which one?

Many Thanks,


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