[BCAB] Braille display question

Michael A. Ray mike.ray at btinternet.com
Sun Feb 3 23:55:36 GMT 2013


This is the kind of reverse engineering I like.

I have just had a look at the FS Braille display driver in NVDA and it 
seems to do all of it's communication with the display via a proprietary 
DLL.  Just as you might expect I guess.

You could try hooking the display up to Hyper-Terminal at different 
speeds and see if key-presses get any coherent data to be displayed.

Short of that you could have a go at hacking something from the NVDA 
source code in Python and see what you can divine.

Do you have an RS232 break-out box or some other way of creating a 'T' 
connection between your PC, the Arduino and the display?

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On 03/02/2013 23:32, Steve Crawford wrote:
> I've just acquired a Freedom Scientific Focus 44 braille display and am
> trying to talk to it via its serial port using a microcontroller called an
> Arduino. In other words, I'm not using any drivers, just raw ascii
> characters. Unfortunately I can't find any sort of technical information on
> this, nor any other, braille display. Can anyone out there shed any light on
> the following:-
> 1. What sort of commands do I need to send to the display in order to mkae
> it display text? ie something like "HELLO WORLD" - is it a matter of
> inserting some escape sequences before the text or what?
> 2. When I press the keys on the unit I get some data coming out of the
> serial port, depending of course on the baud rate. Does anyone know what
> baud rate it is likely to be (my best guess at the moment is either 38k or
> 56k) and do you know what the data should look like?
> Many thanks.

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