[BCAB] streaming media onto IPhone

Chris xenon_2 at fastmail.fm
Mon Feb 4 09:24:44 GMT 2013

Depending on what make of NAS he has, there may well be an iOS app in the app store. For example, I have a Synology Diskstation NAS and there’s a free DS Audio app, which is accessable with Voiceover. This is probably the simplest way. There are other solutions such as 

But I’ve never used it.


Chris Turner

From: Graham Page 
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2013 9:05 AM
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Subject: [BCAB] streaming media onto IPhone

Hi all.


I have a friend I am trying to help who keeps his music on a NAS drive so he
can access it at any time without having to turn on a PC.  Is there any way
he can make this body of music accessible so he can stream it on his IPhone?






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