[BCAB] Small Issue with Skype.

Robert and Jill robert44b at xtra.co.nz
Tue Feb 5 00:43:40 GMT 2013

The new skype will not work.  I went back to the last up date
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> Hi there,
> I am having a small issue with Skype.
> Whenever I press on the "Add a contact button", or go to the Add
> Contact submenu in the contact menu and select "Search Skype
> Directory", nothing happens. What is supposed to happen is that you
> are taken to a kind of web area with links and textfields on it, where
> you can enter the name, Email Address, Phone Number, or Skype name of
> the person you want to search for, and then click the add button,
> which takes you to another screen that asks to send a request. The
> whole thing is called the "Friend Finder".
> For me this isn't happening. I'm running Skype, latest
> Scripts for JAWS on JAWS 14.0, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I have
> even tried removing Skype completely, deleting all program and user
> files related to it, then reinstalling it, to no effect. I suppose one
> last thing I could try is reinstalling the Scripts and see what
> happens, but after that I'm not sure. Baring in mind, that the contact
> thing worked on the previous version of Skype (5.10) no problems at
> all. One final thing: I have turned on all accessibility options,
> including Extended Keyboard Navigation, and Screen Reader Mode, which
> is on by default.
> I hope anyone can help here, as even the most technical people don't
> know all the fixes! LOL! :-)
> Regards.
> Lewis.
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> Lewis Adam Crack
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