[BCAB] sendero, it's all gone quiet over there!

David W Wood david.g3yxx at googlemail.com
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Navigon is superb!  And if you run it alongside Ariadne, Blind Square or
others, it seems to do most of what Trekker did (does).
Having said that, I have never used Trekker.

Using multiple apps is very costly in terms of battery consumption, so I use
mine with an additional battery pack in a bumper.


David W Wood 

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The subject line says it all really.  Last year, Sendero was getting really
excited about a forthcoming GPS app they hoped would retail for under £100.
Anyone know any more about this? I’ve heard nothing.


I ask because I notice that RNIB has really started promoting Navigon as it
has won the IPhone app of the month and been highlighted  in the latest
issue of Switch on to Technology.  So Navigon is accessible but it doesn’t
do some of the things that Trekker can do that would be useful for a blind
person such as tell you about the name of each road as you pass or get near
to it and tell you what land marks are near you.  even those that like
Navigon will agree that other apps are needed to make a really useful
navigation system for a blind person.  I don’t want to buy Navigon only to
find that I could have saved £40 or so by waiting for a specially designed
app such as that from Sendero to come along.






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