[BCAB] First bite of the apple.

Chris Friend king.henry at btinternet.com
Tue Feb 5 15:29:08 GMT 2013

Tim, great news and enjoy it - I do..

I will send you the details of the Apple Group for VI users which is a great
resource just as BCAB is.


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Hi all,

After much resistance, I've finally taken the plunge in to the world of
touch screen devices with the purchase of an Apple Ipod touch.

I'd be really grateful for some pointers in the direction of any articles or
resources which would be helpful in getting a complete novice up and

Please write off/list if it's deemed more appropriate, as doubtless this
subject has been done to death in the past.

Many thanks in advance.


Bangor, N. Ireland.

Skype:  tim-crawford

 Twitter:  tim_gi4oph

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