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This would seem to contradict what the representative of Humanware told 
Brian Hartgen.


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Hi folks.
This is the email I got to day from Audible.
About the victor stream.
Dear Barrie,

Thank you for contacting audible.co.uk.  My name is Nicola and I am pleased
to be the Customer Service Representative assisting you today.

I understand you would like to know if you will be able to download audio
books using the New Victor Stream device. I am willing to assist with your

Audible is currently working on making all existing devices compatible.
While the brand mentioned is not new to our service, there is a general
interest in consumers like you to convert the entire model/ brand into an
Audible supported device. As of right now however, the New Victor Stream is
not Audible ready with Audible.co uk.

Even though we currently do not have a time frame on its availability, you
are always welcome to visit www.audible.co.uk/dc and check our updated
models. When a device is made compatible, the manufacturer of the device
changes the firmware so that the device can read and play back the .aa file
format we use on our website. These .AA files are special encrypted files to
insure the copy right law protection we have with our publishers. We are
more than willing to support yours and every device; however, the
manufacturer of the New Victor Stream has not expressed an interest to make
it compatible with our service as yet. Our company actually has aspirations
to be compatible with every device on the market and that continues to
remain one of our goals.

If you have any questions about this, then please do not hesitate to contact
us. You can email customercare at audible.co.uk or alternatively you may call
us on 0800 496 2455 or 020 3356 6218. Our phone lines are open from 10am to
7pm, Monday to Saturday.

Thank you for your interest in Audible.co.uk.


Nicola M
Audible Customer Care

Barrie Moxon
s.moxon at sky.com)
Twitter: @barriemoxon

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