[BCAB] aph braille plus 18

Joe Paton joe at vi-ability.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 6 22:58:44 GMT 2013

Particularly as you are such a quick keyboardist, at least or the 
most, the fastest the machine will tollerate.

At 22:29 06/02/2013, you wrote:
>In my work, I need to take full notes speedily and I don't think an 
>ios device linked to a braille keyboard would be adequate enough as 
>I need to format the documents for printing which apex does fine and 
>without difficulty.
>I do accept there are limitations with note-takers but I cannot 
>foresee only wanting to use my iphone with a braille display for everything.
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>paul.leake at ntlworld.com
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