[BCAB] problems trying to watch Corronation Street on boht STV andITV sites

Paul Roberts anorack at ntlworld.com
Thu Feb 7 18:27:23 GMT 2013

hi again all and apologies for replying to my own mesage but forgot to say I 
did a reboot before which had no effect and also have tried Firefox but 
without any joy.

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Subject: [BCAB] problems trying to watch Corronation Street on boht STV 
andITV sites

: Hi all,
: Using JAWS 12 with IE7, I have tonight hit a blank when trying to watch 
: night's corronation street.
: I normaly watch this via the STV site, as I have found it easier to use 
: the main ITV SITE>
: Tonight however, I have been unabel to play corronation Street on the sTV
: site, and have noticed a mesage on there advising that the video I want to
: watch is not available in my region.
: When I go to the ITV site, I find JAWS 12 stops talking at various points
: and also I kept geting an internet error mesage up.
: Also, I wasn't able to play Coronation Street via the ITV player too.
: Just wonder if anyone has tried either site today and is experiencing the
: same dificulties as myself.
: Any solutions to this annoying problem would be most welcome.
: Thanks
: Paul.
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