[BCAB] Access to PDFs

Steven Bingham steven.bingham1 at ntlworld.com
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.pdf files are inaccessible for a number of reasons. The most common of
these is that the files is made up of photographs of pages. If the photos
are of good enough quality and the original print was reasonably good then
it is possible to run an OCR program and get a text-based file. However, if
the PDF is made up of poor quality originals or if they are handwritten then
there will be little chance of OCR-ing the file and I can't think of anyway
of dealing with it.


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Dear Brian,

I have read your blog on Text Detective, and it sounds interesting for paper
based text for my iPhone.

What I am hoping will come out in an App, or perhoaps  is already out there,
is one that can read an inaccessible PDF.  Any thoughts on this one?


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