[BCAB] Now you can print, easily, to a none AirPrint enabled printer.

Craig Blake ubiquarius at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 23:42:25 GMT 2013

Having seen an XPrintServer used, they are great, you literally just plug it in and it works, literally.

I was going to buy one, however, if you own a HP or Epson printer from 2010 release onwards, chances are you already have AirPrint, or simply need a firmware update.

All HP ePrint printers are AirPrint compatible,some may need a firmware update.
You only need a sighted person to make the printer wireless for you from it's screen on the device, connect it to your WiFi, do the update if needed, then you should be able to print from your iOS device.

I have a HP PhotosmartB110, it needed an update, then it was just fine.

Just my two pence,
If this was mentioned a month ago I'd of been able to give out a voucher code for XPrintServer.

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On 10 Feb 2013, at 22:20, Colin Howard <colin at pobox.com> wrote:

> Greetings,
> Just seen this on the VicugL group and thought it may be useful to memberes,
> I know only what is in this post so no good coming back to me with any
> further comments or questions, I am merely passing it on for information
> purposes, I do not own the devices nor intend to at present.
> From: Neil Barnfather - TalkNav <forums at talknav.com>
> Date: February 9, 2013, 3:04:30 PM CST
> To: The Accessible Phones Discussion List <blindphones at mosenexplosion.com>
> Subject: Now you can print, easily, to a none AirPrint enabled printer.
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> Hi All,
> I'm sure there are many of you out there who wish you could easily print to
> your printers direct from your iOS devices, but, you lack an AirPrint
> printer…
> I've been in this position since Apple released AirPrint enabled printers,
> having a large HP laser office grade printer here, there was no way I was
> shelling out hundreds of pounds to buy a new printer just for that feature.
> No matter how much I knew it would be of use etc.
> Anyway, I thought I'd share with you all a fantastic little device I bought
> a month ago now which has solved everything for me.
> Its called X-Print Server and comes in two flavours, home and office
> edition. I bought the Home edition as I only have the one printer here, but,
> do bear in mind that the home version will do more than one printer.
> The device itself is very small, about a third of the size of an iPHone, has
> a USB slot and an ether net socket on it. Plus a mains socket for providing
> power.
> The beauty of this device is its complete simplicity. Plug in the ether net
> lead and power if you have a network connected printer, if you only have a
> USB one, plug in the ether net,, power and USB lead to your printer.
> The ether net connects to your switch or internet connection providers hub.
> Now this device auto discovers printers on the network, then downloads the
> latest drivers for them and that's it, once this initial fully automatic
> operation completes, took about a minute for me, your printer will appear
> within the print options when you press print on your iOS devices.
> This worked a complete charm for me, my HP CM2320 MFP FXI appeared instantly
> on all my iOS devices and printing works exactly as you'd hope.
> A few things to bear in mind, you may wish to assign your network printer a
> static IP if you are using a network printer, as that will avoid any issues
> down the road if your printer changes IP for whatever reason.
> I cannot rate this product more highly, and its better still folks. The home
> edition model is US$99, I live in the UK and got my shipping free of charge,
> how, by using the below promotion code. This code is good for mainland US
> and Canada so the store states, however, when I was at the check out stage,
> I typed it in,  free shipping land option appeared, I did not change the
> pull down to any of the international options, just left it as land US and
> continued.
> Even though at that stage the cart system knew I was in the UK, it did not
> charge, nor did the company contact me to charge more for shipping. So I got
> my unit for the equivalent of £54.
> The promotion code to use is: TWIT and credit to this code goes to the
> wonderful TWIT podcast network offering a high quality range of technology
> related podcasts for all flavours of tech fan.
> If you'd like to know more visit: www.xprintserver.com
> Hope this helps some of you out there.
> Regards.
> Regards,
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