[BCAB] Security Issues

Ibrahim Gucukoglu ibrahim_gucukoglu at sent.com
Mon Feb 11 14:59:16 GMT 2013

Hi Roger.

Unfortunately it is common these days for companies like HP, Epson and 
Cannon to name a few who claim to be able to help you fix your computer 
problems for a free.  They will often refer you to a specialist technical 
support company with whom they have a partnership if the engineer you are 
speaking to about your problem diagnosis a problem with your Windows 
installation.  It is an extremely profitable and mostly legitimate trade, 
however a lot of the work these engineers will do can easily be done 
yourself using freely available tools and or inexpensive products.  You 
should only be running one antivirus program and supplementing it with a 
malware removal tool, so it doesn't sound like you're over taxing your 
system resources, however corrupt Windows files, invalid registry entries 
and fragmentary information left by programs you may have uninstalled can 
cause problems.  A program like Reimage which is around £40 will check your 
Windows installation and replace damaged or missing files, in combination 
with a utility suite such as Iolo System Mechanic, Tune Up Utilities or 
Auslogics Boost Speed should solve all your problems as well as prove much 
more sustainable in the long run as you can use these tools more than once. 
I will be happy to guide you through installation and diagnosis of your 
system should you wish, please email me off list if interested.

All the best, Ibrahim.

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I’ve just come off the phone after speaking to the support at HP because of 
a problem with my printer which seems now to be corrected. However the 
technician said I have 4 anti-virus programs running which are causing 
conflicts on my system. I asked which they were and one is MS Essentials 
which I agree as my AV protection. The next one is Spybot S&D which is, to 
me, a malware & advare search tool and not AV. The next is Malwarebytes 
which is the same as Spybot and I have now taken that off. The 4th one he 
just didn’t say what it was. He went on to say I had a lot of damaged 
Windows files and he would repair them for me at a cost of £99 for an hour’s 
work. Nice little earner if I was mug enough to fall for it. I remember I 
had cause to ring the same number for a different problem and I had the 
damaged Windows files then as well but it would only have cost me £75 for 
the hour’s work then.

My questions to the list are, am I running too much security on my system 
and is it likely my files are damaged or is it just an excuse to run up one 
business. If they are correct how is the best way of putting it right.

Many thanks

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