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Graham Page gpage at useit.plus.com
Tue Feb 12 11:24:53 GMT 2013

Hi all.


I'm looking for a way of taking any point and finding out what places of
interest are around it.  this could be useful in general but I'll give a
current example.


I have been asked to meet someone at the following venue:


The Trading Rooms pub, 522 London Road, Westcliff-on-sea, Essex, SS0 9HS


I want to know what the nearest railway station is.  Walking directions or
transport directions would be helpful but what I really want to know is how
far railway stations and bus stops are away.


Websites such as Transport Direct can be helpful for this of course but you
have to say where you are going where as what I want is an idea of what's
around so I can look up journey options before I go there.  any thoughts on
useful strategies or useful websites would be much appreciated.





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