[BCAB] microsoft surface

Graham Page gpage at useit.plus.com
Tue Feb 12 11:47:19 GMT 2013

Hi all.


I’m starting to seriously think about a replacement for my NC210 netbook
which has been generally dragged from pillar to post.  It’s actually not a
bad machine once you take away all the junkware including macafee that comes
with it.


I thought about an ultra book but at £600 or so it’s more than I want to pay
plus I have to suffer a bigger screen which I don’t use.


I did hear an interesting Vision Australia article about the Microsoft
Surface tablet.  Am I correct in thinking there is now a Microsoft Surface
that includes a full version of windows 8 and if so, could you install JAWS
on it?


Any thoughts much appreciated.  Oh and if I can help it no I don’t want to
be forced into paying money for old rope and having to buy JAWS pro!






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