[BCAB] JAWS and Putty

Michael A. Ray mike.ray at btinternet.com
Tue Feb 12 15:42:57 GMT 2013


I don't use Jaws so I don't know the answer.  However, I do know that 
PuTTY uses a non-standard way of writing text to the screen and that's 
why it's such a pain.

NVDA works ok with it but I have found that Tera-Term is far, far better 
with screen-readers.

I have been using it to connect to my Raspberry Pi and editing stuff 
with nano.

Incidentally a couple of days ago I got a console-mode screen-reader 
going on the Pi, if that's what you're connecting to.

Now you're going to ask me where to find Tera-Term...it took me ages and 
I had a couple of abortive attempts when I managed to install something 
without the SSH plugin included.  So I will see if I still have the 
installer and send it to you off list if you want.


On 12/02/2013 12:04, Chris wrote:
> Hi list. Sorry I’m with all the questions today.
> Anyone know of settings that can be adjusted or tips for using JAWS in a terminal window such as PuTTY? Specifically using a text editor such as nano on a Linux system. I’m finding when moving around, it’s very hard to locate a specific word or character. JAWS will miss words or lines as you pass over. When you return with the cursor keys, it made read it twice.
> Regards
> Chris Turner

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