[BCAB] NVDA question

Catherine Turner catherineturner2007 at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 13 22:31:02 GMT 2013


A question for anyone who knows anything about NVDA.  I recently
installed it to give it a go and see how much I can do with it.  I
have only use of one hand and use a specialist keyboard designed for
this.  With JAWS I use its "insert key mode" which means I can press
insert once and then press the other necessary key for a JAWS action
without holding down the insert key.

It seems that even if you use caps lock as the NVDA key you have to
hold it down.  Is this right?  I can only get NVDA to do its actions
if I hold the key down, if I just press caps lock and then another key
it behaves as if I'm typing a capital letter.

Is there any provision for a "sticky key" type option in NVDA?  The
lack of it means I can't use it...if anyone here can confirm I'm right
perhaps I'll make the suggestion to the developers, I just want to
make sure it's not me making a mistake...can anyone enlighten me?


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