[BCAB] JAWS versus Window Eyes

Catherine Turner catherineturner2007 at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 14 07:47:46 GMT 2013

Hello Louise,

Personally I'm a JAWS user, I've used Window Eyes occasionally and
have a friend who does, and I've recently started using Voiceover for
Mac.  I honestly think it mainly comes down to personal preference.
Nobody so far in this discussion has come up with a specific, tangible
task one or other can do better, and for example with using the
internet though I have the gut feeling JAWS is better this is
sometimes proven wrong on lists where people can access certain
websites better with WE.  It's all swings and roundabouts.  I can't
comment on the scripting and technical side of things and as you can
see here experienced people's opinions are split.  It's all about
choice really.

As for a novice's use and what would be easiest for them - personally
I think they're equally as difficult as each other.  I may be wrong
because I'm using an older version of JAWS and haven't installed
either of them for ages, but to my knowledge neither of them
automatically give you a "quick start" type tutorial walking you
through basic screen reader and Windows concepts at the beginning,
which is what's needed I think - Voiceover does this well in my
opinion, but there that's no help if you want to use Windows.

Personally if I was starting out with Windows and I had the money I
would buy both.  Failing that, get demos of both, and get NVDA, and
play around with everything you want to do and pick what you prefer.
There's no simple answer to the question which is better.


On 2/13/13, Louise Cunningham <louise.cunningham86 at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hello List,
> Just seeking user opinion. For long term and maximum Windows PC
> accessibility, with the capability to hook up a Braille display, would you
> favour JAWS or Window Eyes. I've heard excellent reports about both of
> these
> screen readers, but which is best for both home and professional context?
> What are the differences? Does one do something that the other can't?
> Any advice, suggestions and opinions will be much appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Best regards,
> Louise
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