[BCAB] I pad mini accessible?

Olaf Drümmer olaflist at callassoftware.com
Fri Feb 15 11:04:06 GMT 2013

Hi Gerard,

the iPad mini is as accessible as any other iOS device, like the iPhone, the iPod oder the larger form factor iPads.

Thus the question is mostly whether iOS and iTunes are sufficiently accessible, and whether you are familiar with VoiceOver, the built-in technology on iOS (and also Mac OS X). 

In terms of getting file system access to material provided through iTunes - that's a nasty question as Apple wants us to stay inside their eco-system. For a geek it is easy to extract files from iTunes, for a regular user it can be challenging.

In addition, it pays a role whether the material is DRM protected (DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, though some people see  it as Digital Rights Minimization) which could imply you can't use it outside the intended setup. And last but not least, it will play a role what file format the material is in. If it is unprotected EPUB or PDF you are relatively lucky, if it is Apple's special iBooks file format or something else, your mileage may vary.


On 15 Feb 2013, at 09:01, Gerard Sadlier wrote:

>       Hi  as part of a a course I will be doing, we will be issued
> with ipad mini s.a. The course materials wil be distributed directly
> to the ipad, by way of I tunes. My questions are
> How accessible the ipad wil be and if there wil be any difficulty in
> downloading this material to my laptop.
> G
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