[BCAB] Help with microwaves

tom.reid21 at virginmedia.com tom.reid21 at virginmedia.com
Fri Feb 15 22:22:51 GMT 2013

Hi Phil,

If you know braille at all, It'll cost you less than fourpence to fix your
microwave problem.

I've had my micro for 15 years or so so the model isn't important, but, I
just marked some sticky braille labels with computer braille numbers and
symbols for the time and power controlls etc. Stuck them on a standard
digital microwave and bang.

Needed sighted help to line up the labels. 

Best, Tom

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A simple enough question: can any of you suggest a microwave which can be
used by a blind person?

I've spent the last two weeks researching this and have checked Tesco,
Sainsburys, Argos, John Lewis, Cobolt Systems, and many other places.   

The only options seem to be the two talking microwaves sold by Cobolt which
are fully functioned but somewhat pricy for what they are, or any of a small
number of standard analogue microwaves with manual dials made by companies
like Russell Hobbs and Bosch, which are easy enough to use without sight but
which are at the bottom of the range and so are very small (between 17 and
20 litres) and not very powerful (usually around 750 - 800 watts).

I have not yet found any mid range microwave of say 25 litres and 850 - 950
Watts, made by a regular manufacturer like LG, Bosch, etc, which has
physical controls which could be used without reference to a touch pad and
visual display.

Has anyone else out there looked into this and come up with something?  Make
and model number would be much appreciated.

With thanks to all, and apologies to the moderators if this is not
sufficiently technology related to qualify for this list.


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