[BCAB] JAWS versus Window Eyes

Louise Cunningham louise.cunningham86 at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 17 12:40:49 GMT 2013

Thanks again everyone for the further discussion and advice. I had not heard
of Cobra before, I will check it out, thank you. It's really useful to have
been able to read the spread of opinion and peoples' experiences of using
the different screen readers. NVDA seems as good as any to get started with
and I certainly can't grumble about the price! It's up to me now to get
learning the keyboard commands to fly it - should keep me out of mischief
for a good while.


This may be a long shot nowadays, but can anyone recommend anywhere that may
be able to offer partial funding to help towards the cost of accessibility
software? I know the answer could well be no, but I thought I'd just see if
anyone can advise on this!


Thank yo.


Best regards,


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