[BCAB] Headings in internet explorer

Steven Bingham steven.bingham1 at ntlworld.com
Tue Feb 19 13:46:20 GMT 2013

Hi Stuart

Pressing the letter  'h' should take you to the next heading but you can
also do it by pressing the numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4 on the top row of the
keyboard  but for this to work efficiently you need to know the structure of
the page. 

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Ha all
I'm sure I used to be able to jump to headings by pressing the letter H. 
For some time now I have not been able to do so, so my talking newspaper I
have to open in firefox, where it still works. I am now having trouble with
firefox. can anyone tell me  how to jump to heading in Internet explorer. I
use Jaws 11.
Thanks in advanace,


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