[BCAB] unable to uninstall jaws 7.0

Barry Toner Barry.Toner at clanmil.org.uk
Wed Feb 20 14:37:30 GMT 2013

All of us on here and I'll tell you this man has sense!


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Rather than using the Revo Uninstaller, why not go to:

http://www.freedomscientific.com and download the JAWS version 7
install package.

Then run it and select the uninstall option.

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Revo Uninstaller can work, but be very careful when using it.  It
different levels of aggression, so to speak, when trying to
software.  It will scrub the registry for all keys it can find
and this,
amongst other factors, can do real inadvertent damage.  I speak
personal experience!  I would suggest that you make a disc image
before you
go down this road.

When you say that JAWS 7.0 will not uninstall, it may help to
Are the files and directories associated with that version still
there after
you run the uninstall routine, what about desktop icons?  Do you
get any
messages before or after the reboot?  

If your objective is to reclaim disc space, you could try doing a
uninstall by manually removing 7.0 components, but again, do this
with care
because some JAWS resources are shared across versions.

I know that with performing a multiple JAWS installation, you
generally have
to install lower version numbers before higher version numbers.
I'm not
sure, therefore, whether attempting to uninstall an earlier
version whilst
you have a later version could be part of the difficulty.
Perhaps others

I am assuming that you do have a more recent version of JAWS as

Just some thoughts...



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