[BCAB] Missed Calls on Office Phone? Solution

John Farley john_farley at btinternet.com
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I see that you have already had a couple of replies on this one.

At work I have an application called Accessaphone for the purpose you

There is a software application running on my PC and it links into our
telephone exchange via the lan / wan connections.

There are other advantages to this one, as well as being able to see missed
calls and see logs of who has called you.

One of the most useful things is to ensure that you populate the phone
numbers of your contacts in Outlook, assuming you use that at work, and then
import that contact list into Accessaphone. You can then use its search
facility against your contact's name and select which phone number it should
dial for you. Makes phoning out a lot easier if you have more numbers to
contact than can be easily remembered.

Your company telecoms group should be able to determine if the system you
use is compatible from the various bits of documentation available, it is
compatible with many different telephone exchange systems.

I have various links at work for UK details, but the software is US produced
and can be found by a google on Accessaphone. I believe that the company is
called Tenacity.



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Hi all

On my office phone, it has a call log. That means that you can see on
the screen of the phone:
1. If you've missed a call from someone but that person hasn't left a
voice mail; and
2. The numbers of people with whom you have spoken, which is useful if
you don't always write them down.

Voice messages go to our e-mail accounts and can be accessed from computer.

I therefore wondered if there might be some way of getting this info
from the phone on to my computer, where it would be accessible - or
indeed if anyone has any other suggestions?

Bare in mind though that whatever ideas people might have would have
to be compatable with the phone system in the firm.



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