[BCAB] Asking NVDA to Run from a USB

David Reynolds dkreynolds at ntlworld.com
Wed Feb 20 22:25:05 GMT 2013


It depends which version of windows you are running:
On your USB drive, there should be a folder called NVDA. Assuming this is
the case, open up notepad, and type or paste the following:
action=Start NVDA
shell\NVDA="Start NVDA"

Save this I the root directory of the USB drive, as autorun.inf
When you insert the usb drive in another computer, you should be able to
press enter, and NVDA should start.

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Hello All,


I have copied the portable version of NVDA to a USB stick and I would like
to know how I may be able to get it to run by using keyboard commands when I
have inserted the USB into a machine that does not have text to speech
access. Is asking NVDA to 'Run'  possible without sighted assistance?




Best regards,


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