[BCAB] Windows XP Pro and Jaws 13

Mobeen Iqbal mobeeniqbal at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 08:04:04 GMT 2013

Hi Roger.

It sounds like a graphics intercept issue. It also sounds like your 
original user profile's been wiped. Can you contact me off list? I may 
be able to assist you remotely to fix the problems you're having.

mobeeniqbal at gmail.com

is where you'll find me.

all the best,


On 21/02/2013 00:58, Roger Woolgrove wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just taken stock of my new machine and a couple of little puzzles.
> As I like to customise my start menu and other user details, when I go into the C drive where Windows is installed, I used to press D and this would take me to Documents and Settings.  I think it still takes me there but it no longer says so, I am rewarded with silence.  Any idea how to get this thing to say what I have landed on.
> Have already needed to reboot because of errors or something.  Could not access Shut down through the Start Menu as this was not responding.  Tried the 3 finger salute and still did nothing.  Did a hard reboot and do not want to get into this habit this soon.  Any ideas how to ensure a safe shut down.
> In Documents and Settings, I have All users, Owner and Default User.  I used to have my name, Roger Woolgrove as the owner folder or default user but modifying the start menu inside default user which I can rename does not actually alter the start menu.  Modifying the start menu in owner does have the desired effect but I am unable to find a way to rename the owner folder, windows will not let me.  Again, any ideas?
> My gratitude in spades in advance.
> Roger

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