[BCAB] Spam filtering on BT accounts

Chris Cook cpcook at btinternet.com
Thu Feb 21 08:08:20 GMT 2013

Hi All!

Karl Farrell listed this website, as being a far more accessible site to 
manage BT accounts online

I've visited there this morning and on the log-in screen, it asks for a 
Yahoo ID and password. I've tried typing in my BT Internet address and 
password, but it's being refused. I've also tried the alternative log-in.

Do I first need to register a Yahoo ID in order to log-in? How do I get to 
manage my BTInternet account?

Any help gratefully received.

Many Thanks

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Hello Yusuf

There is a mobile Yahoo site where you can deal with your account and it is
much more manageable.  It is:

Listed under other folders, you will find a spam folder.  I have got rid of
McAfee and use MSE and rely on BT Yahoo spam filtering.  Using the mobile
site, I can easily check the spam folder, letting through acceptable
messages and deleting the rubbish.

Because this m.yahoo site is screen reader accessible, you could also turn
off the spam filtering but I'm happy to leave it to them and they are
charging me for the service anyway.


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