[BCAB] Quick Office on IOS

Neela neela4 at btinternet.com
Thu Feb 21 14:20:09 GMT 2013

I am looking for a totally accessable Word Editor for iPad if anyone can 
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> Dear list
> I was very surprised to see recently that Quick Office on IOS is
> accessible.
> I have now found the comment on Apple Vis which I copy below.
> ": This app is completely inaccessible with Voiceover. You can navigate 
> the
> menu to open a document but once in a text, Word, or Excel document 
> nothing
> is read except the Back button.
> Voiceover Performance
> Voiceover reads a few page elements.
> Button Labelling
> Few buttons are clearly labelled.
> Usability
> The app is totally inaccessible."
> This is on
> http://www.applevis.com/apps/ios/business/quickoffice-connect-mobile-suite
> I have tried the recommended alternative Document 2Free but although it
> reads office documents fine I can find no way of editing them although 
> this
> is allegedly possible.
> Is there any way of accessibly editing  word files on IOS, specifically an
> IPod?
> David Griffith
> David Griffith
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