[BCAB] pure sonus 1xt

Steven Bingham steven.bingham1 at ntlworld.com
Fri Feb 22 18:34:44 GMT 2013

Hi all 


Thanks to all who responded to my queries. 


After an exhaustive search I find my product CD. A word of warning – the CD
does not contain the 1XT software it only contains the User Manual in PDF
format. (oh and a install for Adobe Reader 7.


I found the user manual quite enlightening. The reset command is to hold the
Menu key for two seconds and then press the tuning knob for confirmation.
However, this made not the slightest difference. 


The Pure website still contains all the press releases about how wonderful
the Sonus 1XT and the revolutionary Ivox (trademark) software. It does not
say how quickly they dropped it or how badly it was marketed.


The site does not contain a trace of the wonderful Ivox software to


I am going to have to contact Pure to find out how much a repair is going to
be – if they will still do one. I was shocked to discover that the 1XT was
released back in 2005.


Having recently surveyed the radio market I think it would be worthwhile
paying up to £80 for a repair particularly if it was guaranteed for two


Thanks once more to all those who made suggestions.



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