stephen thacker steve.thacker at btinternet.com
Fri Feb 22 23:05:00 GMT 2013

Dear friends, I called out my sighted friend as I am totally 
blind and have been getting no speech from my pc which is a 32 
bit and using Windows 7. She confirmed my pc is fully functional 
apart from the speech, so, can you advise me what may be the 
problem and what can I do to lesolve the issue? I'm using a Busch 
set of microphone and headset which is connected to my pc by the 
usb port, but both having these connected and then disconnecting 
them proved unsatisfactory and didn't get rid of the problem. We 
are going to get a new microphone headset tomorrow even if it 
isn't the case that my headset is faulty. I don't really want to 
do a system restore as sighted assistance would be needed. Would 
narrator help me solve this problem? If I delete window-eyes and 
install WE8.0 again would that resolve the issue?

Thanks for any help, Steve

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