Colin Howard colin at pobox.com
Sat Feb 23 16:10:52 GMT 2013


I assume the signature is actually required on the document online.

One solution would be produce several specimens of your signature, ask
somebody you trust with good eyes (smile) to look at these and whichever
contains the most common traits to scann it in as an image.  Access whatever
software you have for viewing  images, saving copies of different sizes,
making sure you identify by the file name the attributes of the size.  So,
when you need to sign an online document, call up and paste in the image of
appropriate size.

Some online documents may not allow pasting, in which case, this method will
not work and it is then necessary to manually sign instead.

The Fareham  area of Southern England has been Colin 
Howard's home  ever since July 1981, only the Lord 
himself knows for how much longer this will remain true.

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