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The fact that you don't have to sign HMRC forms is mainly down to me. When I
was Data Protection Officer for HMRC I received a complaint about the fact
that a newly blinded person was deeply upset about signing forms mainly
because he couldn't do it. I pointed out to the HMRC Solicitors that when
forms were submitted over the net there was a phrase something along the
lines of "Submission of this form indicates that you agree to our terms and
conditions." Why couldn't the same phrase be applied to paper forms. They
could see no reason why it couldn't be done that way and so it was agreed
that the phrase would be added to printed forms. 

If organisations are unhappy about this solution then there is no real
alternative. It is really annoying because nobody can prove that what you
sign is what has been read to you. And, of course, they can't prove to you
that you signed it anyway.

I recently had the arduous task of completing the British Gas Feed-in
Tarriff agreement. In this document it is necessary to sign each page of the
agreement as proof that you have read it. I couldn't find a way around it
and as I wanted British Gas to pay me I just complied with their wishes. I
then had to scan the signed pages and email it to them. What a pain. How

We're not really into the electronic document age yet when signatures are
still considered necessary.


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I've had discussions with a Scottish Government agency concerning the best
way for a blind person to sign a form created on that Agency's web page.
I know that HMRC don't require tax returns to be signed, presumably because
they know who you are from your having had to complete a log-in process.
Similarly, no signature was required when I completed a blue badge renewal
form - although I had to phone up to pay the fee by card.
I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a solution which would overcome the
difficulty a blind person would have in knowing where to sign on a printed
version, or if anyone has any other ingenious ideas to enable us to complete
this last step of the process of submitting electronically produced forms.


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