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David Reynolds dkreynolds at ntlworld.com
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Have you tried copying and pasting, i.e. use shift down arrow to select the
tracks you want, then control c to copy. Then go to your ipod in itunes, and
control v to past. I've known this work in the past, so may be worth a try.
As to synching, I've never tried that.

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I am having difficulties with the bundle of awkwardness that is iTunes.
On my Mac all I have to do is add content via the file menu and then when I
synch  my  IPod the content transfers, in this case music.
However none of the material I have imported into iTunes on my Windows
laptop  ever transfers onto my IPod. However apps I download from the App
Store in ITunes transfer absolutely fine so there is no connection problem.

I have read that I may need to check music to ensure it transfers when I
synch with my iPod but I can find no place to check content in iTunes to
ensure that it transfers.

I am using 
Windows 7 64 bit.
ITunes 11
Jaws 14
Latest Blind tunes scripts.
I have experimented with NVDA but it does not solve the problem either.
How can I get music off my laptop onto the iPod?
At the moment I am having to transfer everything onto my Mac first which is
a nuisance.

David Griffith.

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