[BCAB] Signing Forms, A Different View

Barry Hill barry.hill3 at sky.com
Mon Feb 25 15:32:09 GMT 2013

I know three people who have been blind from birth and cannot write, let
alone do a signature.  How would they sign a document?  I suppose they would
have to have a person with power of attorney, I think that's the term, but
if there was an alternative, it would give these three people that bit of
equality and independence that we all crave.



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Hi all

I have to say that I'm unconvinced that a procedure which does not involve a
signature is as secure as one that does.

If I were advising the HMRC, I would, with regret, insist on signatures.

The reason is simply that a signature like this is indisputable - at least
where sighted people are concerned, or nearly so - in a way that the fact
that something was returned, even with an accompanying letter, simply is

A signature can be verified by a hand-writing expert, with varying degrees
of accuracy.

For the blind, the issue is obviously different - and perhaps on
registration some sort of voice system could be evolved.


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